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Mission-Driven Entrepreneur, 

As human beings, we are hard-wired for connection.

You and I, were made to belong.

And while you may not belong everywhere, you definitely belong somewhere. 

Unfortunately, If you're like me you probably have some pain around trying to find your place in this big world.

Over the years I have been part of numerous friend groups, work environments, spiritual communities, and business related networks and events...

And sadly it wasn't until just a couple of years ago, at the age of 44... 

that I finally found my place, I found my tribe...I found my home.

For the first time in my life I found a place where I got to be 100% honest about who I am...

A place where I got to share all of me, all my passions, and interest in one place.

A place where I didn't have to hide certain aspects of my life out of fear of being misunderstood and rejected.   

When you find your people, you find your purpose, and when you find your purpose you find your place.

As a result of finding my Tribe just two short years ago...

Everything about my life has completely changed...for the better.

I went from feeling isolated to now having a global family of thousands of other like-minded entrepreneurs from all over the world that I love, that love me, and most important love each other.

I went from having a very good, but if I'm being honest pretty boring, financial planning business in Northern California... 

to now leading a thriving international movement of over 3,000 faith based entrepreneurs that has me waking up before 5 AM every single day without an alarm.

I have never felt more alive, more full of fire, passion, and life...

I have never felt so connected to God, and my purpose.
It's hard to believe that just 6 or 7 years ago, as a result of a massive financial disaster due to a failing real estate venture...
I found myself in a state of deep depression, in so much pain and overwhelm that I was secretly praying, "God please don't let me wake up tomorrow".

I believed I was pretty much good for nothing to the people in my life and was pleading with God to put me, and everyone in my life out of the misery that was Pedro.

And to see what has happened since, is nothing short of a miracle.

So what I can tell you, is regardless if right now you are on the mountain top, in the valley of despair, or somewhere in the middle...

I want to share with you, the keys I learned that allowed me to go from despair to walking in destiny.

The process that allowed me to turn pain into purpose...

And isolation into connection.

When you find your people, you find your purpose.
Join me in The 5 Day Find My Tribe Challenge... 

and allow me to help you discover the 3 must have tribes, every successful and fulfilled mission-driven entrepreneur needs in their life. 

Click the button below and join me today as this challenge is staring Fri May 1st... 

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In your Service,

Pedro Ado
Founder of The 100X Academy
5 X ClickFunnels Two-Comma Club Qualifier
Creator Of The Crush It With Challenges Program

Pedro and his Wife Suzette Adao Being Honored With Multiple ClickFunnels Two Comma Club Awards Just A Few Weeks Ago At Funnel Hacking Live 2020 

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